Dood (2011+)

Dood - Luciferian Manifest Luciferian Manifest

TAPE 2013 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 66 copies)

1: Intro
2: Invocation
3: Ave Satana
4: Bliksem
5: Mental Frost
6: Satanic Enchantments
7: Luciferian Manifest
8: In the Shadow of the Horns
- Darkthrone cover
9: Fimbulwinter
10: Satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae
11: The Edge
12: Gateway To...

Phenex (bass)
- alias of Job Bos
Ynzir (guitars, programming)
- alias of Jens Schreur
Drahcir (vocals, guitars)
- alias of Richard van Berlo

Review: Dood’s Luciferian Manifest prepares the listener, with an impressive introduction, for the unleashing of modern sounding old-school Hellhammer/Celtic Frost-like black metal on the Invocation track and the full-length amount of songs that follow (including Darkthrone’s In the Shadow of the Horns). Because this style seems to have been forgotten by the modern black metal scene, it’s refreshing to hear it done with this much conviction. Sure, it’s hardly original if you’re well educated in First Wave BM, but it’s nothing like the tsunami of clones that pop up every time a singularly great album gets released, and will entertain the greener members of black metal. Some of the few tracks that don’t fit the H/CF-direction (like Fimbulwinter) but are far more ‘second wave’, are placed at the end of the release and somehow spoil what was built up in the previous tracks. So, stopping the tape after the Darkthrone cover is probably a good idea when you go spin this.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.