Lord Of Grim (1996)

Lord Of Flies (1996)

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Eternal Frost (1996-2001)

Eternal Frost - Christial Holocaust Christial Holocaust

demo TAPE 1999

1: Intro
2: Final Trip
3: Eternal Frost
4: Christial Holocaust
5: Slagveld

Martin (drums)
Agramon (keyboards)
Vindsual (vocals, guitars)
Arluth Dhu (bass)

Review: There are hordes of people in the underground that claim that there is no room for synthesizers in real black metal, and that these bands exist mainly for the mainstream masses. While in a lot of cases they are (sadly) proven right, there are definitely exceptions around. I think Eternal Frost's debut demo - and as it turned out, its only demo - called Christial Holocaust is one of them. The intro and the four tracks on this demo are as cold and dark as you can get. They are well played, well structured, and produced in a way a lot of bands without keyboards could be jealous of. Inspired by Norwegian acts of that time, they have chosen a style that combines the cold open chords of Norwegian black metal with relatively simple, but very effective melodies and sounds. It is too bad, this band never got around to recording a full-length album, and show the underground that it is possible to use synthesizers in a good way. It has given us, without any doubt from my side, the best synthesized black metal of the Netherlands.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2007.