Extreme Nazi Terror (20??)

Extreme Nazi Terror - Seven Minutes of Zyklon B Seven Minutes of Zyklon B

TAPE 20??

1: unknown amount of untitled tracks

Review: This release is like “what if Extreme Noise Terror had attracted a hyperactive Adolf Hitler as its vocalist and started playing Sore Throat-like grindcore with an Abruptum-like darkness?” Confused? You should be! Satanic imagery mixed with Nazi imagery mixed with shocking song-titles that, I feel, have very little to do with the countless short improvised tracks that have been splashed all over this tape. I'm not even sure that the number of humorous titles mentioned corresponds with the number of ‘songs’, which often remain within the 10-second border of duration. The demo isn’t even seven minutes long, but lasts for over ten minutes. The title is most likely a nod to the noise collective Seven Minutes of Nausea... It’s all very confusing! There is no line-up information. At least the sound is pretty clear and intense, and the Hitlerian vocals are highly entertaining! It has a certain black metal vibe, but it’s hard to lay a finger on its cause... If there ever was a thing called National Socialist Satanic Grindcore, this could be it! Still, I am not even sure how ‘N.S.’ this band really is!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.