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Fenris (1997+)

Fenris - Words of the Ascended

Words of the Ascended

demo TAPE 1998

1: Words of the Ascended
2: The Call Has Come
3: Through the Twilight Mist We See
4: The Burning of the Non-Believers

Gilbert de Rooy (vocals)
Bas Westdorp (guitars)
Vasco Lub (bass)
Paul van der Zouwen (drums)

Fenris - Offerings to the Hunger

Offerings to the Hunger

CD 2000 by Teutonic Existence / Firebreath

1: The Coming of Asatru
2: Offerings to the Hunger
3: As Wolves They Came
4: The Blood Opens Gateways
5: Fier Is de Wind
6: Zonen des Storms
7: Destroyer of Worlds

Gilbert de Rooy (lead vocals)
Arjan Griffioen (drums)
Walter Romberg (keyboards)
Vasco Lub (bass)
Bas Westdorp (guitars, vocals)


promo CD 2004

1: Heilland
2: Suffering Predestined
3: The Open Gateways (video clip)

Fenris - Ordeal


demo CD 2005

1: De Verschroeide Aarde
2: Suffering Predestined
3: Chronicle of Kings
4: Heilland
5: Das Boot (from Darkened Worlds)
6: Ordeal
7: Burst into Oblivion
8: …And Beyond

Rick Lieffering (drums)
Bas Westdorp (guitar)
Gilbert de Rooy (vocals)
Vasco Lub (bass)

Fenris - ...En doodenakkers tot den horizon

...En doodenakkers tot den horizon

demo CD 2016

1: Echo of the Machine (intro)
2: Black Ashes
3: Ruined
4: Zielenstrijd
5: 834
6: Fenris
7: Doodenakkers
8: Descend

Review: First of all, I’m not keen on the old spelling that suggests the lyrics came out of a late 1800s newspaper. Just use ‘dodenakkers’ and ‘de’ guys. Fenris had been quiet for years. This release marks a rebirth of some sorts, because the band has really evolved. Tightly played stuff that reminds me of the slightly dissonant black metal that followed the second wave, but stayed away from the commercial paths that were drowning the underground. There are more than a few hints of death metal and a sound that is overall black, but certainly not 100%. The album hosts a lot of songs that have their moments of power, but also many moments that fully lack power. All instruments are well defined, and the riffs are clear as day, offering lots of harmonies and dissonants, high melodies and chugging power-chords. Myself, I’m not sure what to think of it. It’s better than their old albums, but I am just not satisfied.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.

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