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Fluisterwoud (1998-2006)

Fluisterwoud - Een sinister schouwspel

Een sinister schouwspel

demo TAPE 1999

1: Dwaallichten (intro)
2: Cernunnos toorn
3: Vazallen van de schemering
4: Den duustre wouden...
5: Een sinister schouwspel
6: In den trollecrypte (outro)

Nachtraaf (vocals, guitars, bass)
- alias of Jim Dokter

Fluisterwoud - Langs galg en rad

Langs galg en rad

CD 2003 by Full Moon Productions

1: Een sinister schouwspel
2: Tergernis
3: Den duustere wouden
4: Plaegdraegher
5: Hoer van de zeven hemelen
6: Woudangst
7: Knovelaer
8: Aardmannen
- Lugubrum cover
9: Langs galg en rad

Nachtraaf (guitars)
S. Lahar (drums)
- alias of Sjoerd Modderkolk
Havoque (bass, backing vocals)
- alias of Jasper van der Veen
Sagelinge (vocals)
- a.k.a. Gwydion Sagelinge

Review: Fluisterwoud’s Langs galg en rad is probably one of the best Dutch black metal albums ever made (and there really are good ones to be found). I felt this way when it came out, and it still feels like that many years down the line. There’s an awful lot of inventive riffs, the great croaking vocals of Botmuyl, the excellent lyrics (Hoer van de zeven hemelen; 'whore of the seven heavens', the title alone is a masterpiece), the cool drums of Lahar, and a sound that is both vile and well-sculpted. I wouldn’t dare to name one of the tracks as an album favorite. This one deserves to be experienced in one go! This review might be long overdue, but it’s an album that should be given attention more often. Certainly since the late 1990s and early 2000s were not the strongest years of black metal history.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Fluisterwoud - Black Metal Terror over London

Black Metal Terror over London

split demo CD 2004: The One / Niroth / Goat Molestor / Fluisterwoud

9: Hoemannen

Fluisterwoud / Sauron - Split


split 7" EP 2005: Fluisterwoud / Sauron by Todestrieb Records

1: Laat alle hoop varen
2: Gitzwart en wolvenfaam

Nachtraaf (guitars)
Trol (bass)
- alias of Matthijs Verbeek
Gwydion Sagelinge (vocals)
Mysteriis (drums)
- alias of Dennis Mulder

Fluisterwoud - Laat alle hoop varen Laat alle hoop varen

CD 2009 by Ván

1: Laat alle hoop varen
2: Kerkganger
3: Verlost in het vuur
4: Met de wind wedergekeerd
5: Hoemannen
6: Mijn donker wezen
7: De bezetene

Sagelinge (vocals)
Nachtraaf (guitars)
Eklipse (guitars)
Trol (bass)
Mysteriis (drums)

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