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Grafzerk (2007+)

Grafzerk - Lyken lust Lyken Lust

TAPE 2010 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 66 copies)

1: Ontketend
2: Lyken lust
3: Hellehoeren
4: Eeuwigbrandende christenzielen
5: Menschenhaat
6: Dwalend door een schimmenryk

Plaeghdraegher (vocals)
Pestwrongel (vocals, guitars, programming)

Review: After a low-fi guitar-and-sample intro the demo of Grafzerk (‘gravestone’) kicks off with Lyckenlust (which has its own ambient intro), which is screamy black metal in the vein of early Botulistum (and later Stink). The music isn’t impressive and it sounds like a one-take recording, but at least it has really aggressive distorted vocals (which are way too loud), sharp guitars (pretty loud as well) and fast programmed drums (drowning somewhere behind them). Combined they work all the way through the demo’s fourteen minutes, although the track Menschenhaet has a really different sound, just like the concluding Botulistum cover. It is time someone comes up with a plan to turn this kind of really extreme stuff into well-produced audible hate, and not resort to ‘raw’ production. Perhaps there’s a challenge for Grafzerk?! And try to avoid the 'y' for every 'ij' next time!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

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