Groovy Taus (2006+)

Groovy Taus

unreleased CD 2006

1: Anti Human Clap Dance
2: Sold Your Soul
3: Mein Ehre Heisst Tanzen
4: Funky Lycanthrope
5: Serial Killer Boogie
6: Funky Beach Ritual
7: Funky Kaos Trip
8: No More Black Metal
9: Pedo Tel Sell
10: Tyrants of Evil
- Heretic cover
11: We Own the World
- USA for Africa cover

Review: This is actually not a black metal album at all. This is genuine Satanic disco funk, with a groovy seventies feeling. It is also not really an album, but a string of songs that were never released, but spread to a very select few. They would’ve made a really great release. This (non-)release manages to offend and discriminate everyone and everything. All vocals were improvised on the spot, which makes this even more impressive. Sure, the vocalist is more or less the GG Allin of funk, so don’t expect the singing to cling to one key. They’re all over the place. At the same time, the subject matter, ranging from serious Satanic worship, human sacrifice, nazism and nazism-parody, cannibalism, misanthropy, elitism, blasphemy, discrimination, violence, child-abuse, elderly-abuse, and anti-black metal statements will make you forget all the nasty singing and corny (but effective and swinging) funk music. Soms of the best songs are Anti Human Clap Dance, Mein Ehre Heisst Tanzen, Serial Killer Boogie and Funky Beach Ritual, but these picks can be random. Among these unreleased songs there are a Heretic cover, Tyrants of Evil, which is completely unrecognisable and USA for Africa’s We Are the World, transformed in We Own the World. Some of the stuff is way out of most people’s comfort zone, and will likely repel, well, most people! But a smile appears on my face, every time I put this on!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Satanic Disco Holocaust

split TAPE 2018: Groovy Taus / Lanz by New Era Productions, released with double-logo-printed balloon and confetti

1: untitled intro
2: The Incredible Cannibal
3: Funky Beach Ritual (Pro-Disco Mix 2017)

GG Canniballin (vocals)
Bollie 'Cootsie Bollins' C (instruments)