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Heersch (2010-2012)

Heersch - Total War Total War

TAPE 2010 by Achtung! Records

1: The Banner High
2: Total War
3: Black Shadows

Heersch - Unholy Congregation of Demonical Reign Unholy Congregation of Demonical Reign

split TAPE 2011: Neftaraka / Black Abyss / Heersch / Nachtmerrie by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 150 copies)

3: Nuclear Cleansing
7: Storm of Chaos

Review: Nachtmerrie (‘nightmare’) kicks off the 4-way split tape with a nice piano tune, followed by depressive black metal called Zwarte dennen. While the piano sound is clear and suggests a nice production, the black metal that follows is of the thin underground variety, but not bad. There is some keyboard hidden away under the moody guitars, and the quirky gurgling vocals work in the band’s advantage. The second track of the band, again, has a clear intro with a clean guitar, before returning to the less polished black metal as heard on the first song.

Heersch (‘reign’; more or less) contributes two black metal tracks to the compilation tape with such unusual riffs that with every break I feel a surprise will surely come. It is combined with the constantly alternating thrash-black-death metal vocals and an abundance of “Cleansing!”-screams in Nuclear Cleansing and “Stooooorm... of Chaos!” in Storm of Chaos. The sound is black metal, the material could have been bestial, if only the sound would have been more death metal, but now it’s a thing on its own, which works to its advantage... It’s certainly the tape’s best band.

The two Malay bands are more on the standard side of black metal, but since they are not a subject of this website, I will not fully review them. They do bring two more variations on black metal production to the table, which makes this tape nice to listen to in all its alternation.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

Heersch - Blood Must Flow Blood Must Flow

mini-CD 2012 by The Ritual Productions

1: Intro
2: Legions of Chaos
3: Pillage and Burn
4: Blood Must Flow
5: Death to the Modern World
6: Butcher of Rats