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Hellfire Nemesis (2005+)

A Manifest of Divine Holocaust

demo CD 2005

1: Carte-Blanche for Genocide (Intro)
2: A Manifest of Divine Holocaust
3: Goathorned Abomination
4: Hell-Metal Hyperblast
5: Infinite Raging Chaos
6: Malefic Nocturnal Evil (outro)

Mortifer (guitars, vocals, effects)
- alias of Fulco Helmig

Review: This is an underground black metal release, jackhammering rehearsal-raw in sound, that makes clear this band is ready for more. The stuff might be raw and badly mixed (if at all), but the tracks are properly written and not just a repetition (and I will forgive them all the useless and annoying end-of-song-fade-outs, this time). One may doubt the band after seeing a title like Hell-Metal Hyperblast, but listening to the actual track, it’s a real hell of a racket worthy of the description. The sound is poor and the pounding drums drown the guitar, but the guitar is never the shrill black metal guitar in the back we usually hear. The vocals are on top of the mix. So, get ready for a strained time listening to it, certainly with headphones, but all-in-all I've heard far worse (even with a better sound).

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.

Hellfire Nemesis - Unleashed Pestilent Wrath Unleashed Pestilent Wrath

CD 2006

1: Hellfire Nemesis
2: Enthroned Demonic Malice
3: Storm of Infernal Carnage
4: Heralding the Day of Wrath
5: Hatescourched Deathreign
6: Unleashed Pestilent Wrath
7: The Shape of Things to Come

Mortifer (guitars, vocals, effects)
- alias of Fulco Helmig

Hellfire Nemesis - A Parade of Unclean Souls A Parade of Unclean Souls

TAPE 2014 by Zwaertgevegt

Side A
1. A Pyroclastic Warhymn
2. Impious Perdition
3. To Smite And Punish

Mortifer (instruments, vocals)
Hellfire E (drums)

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