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Hymir (2005+)

Hymir - Perish Perish

demo CD 2007

1: Expugno
2: Perish
3: Mars Almighty
4: Bleak
5: Conquer and Smite
6: For Never to Return Again

Tom Gorissen (keyboards)
Per Hoogendoorn (drums)
Kay van Kalsbeek (guitars)
Pablo de Groot (vocals)
Bob Kuitenbrouwer (bass)
Daan Douma (guitars)

Hymir - Nyctophobia Nyctophobia

demo CD 2010

1: Nightmarish Illumination
2: Let the World Be Cold
3: Poltergeist
4: Fractal Delibiration
5: Reminiscence
6: And Sorrow Turned in Death (Part I)
7: And Sorrow Turned in Death (Part II)
8: Soul Monolith
9: What the Moon Reveals
10: Nyctophobia

Tom Gorissen (synthesizers, piano)
Per Hoogendoorn (drums, percussion)
Kay van Kalsbeek (lead guitars)
Pablo de Groot (vocals, rhythm guitars)
Alexander Leune (bass)