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Funeral Goat (2008-2014)

Funeral Goat - Mass ov Perversion Mass ov Perversion

CD 2009 by Daemon Worship Productions

1: Praise the Beast
2: 666
3: Dead Angels
4: Essence ov Impiety
5: Death Hymn
6: Conjuration
7: Mass ov Perversion
8: Kiss the Goat
9: Funeral Goat
10: Age ov All Ages
11: Calling Forth the Storm
12: Morning Star
13: Communion ov the Black Lord

Ludas (drums)
Herr AIDS (guitars, vocals)
- alias of Kevin Kentie

Ibex Angel Order logo

Ibex Angel Order (2014+)

Ibex Angel Order - I I

CD 2015 by Daemon Worship Productions

1: Intro
2: Beyond the Seventh
3: Origin of Spheres
4: Unbegotten Father
5: Numberless Am I
6: Serpent of Assiah
7: The Terrible One
8: Into Pleroma
9: Unbroken Idol
10: Domedon doxomedon

Lds (drums)
Hrrds (guitars, vocals)

Review: Before I heard the debut album, I had once seen I.A.O. live (and actually, before that, Funeral Goat) and was quite impressed by them. Lds and Hrrds - both former musicians in Sauron - manage to create an album that is a mixture of Mayhem’s De mysteriis with more dissonant black metal of today, but keep away from the path of modern Mayhem, which of course has its own substantial share of dissonance. The album is a solid block of metal, sometimes fast, sometimes mid-tempo, but always sounding massive. This album is far more captivating then Verbum Verus’ Melkiresha, which I somehow consider either as this band’s counterpart or competitor, both springing from the ashes of Sauron.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.


split LP 2018: Devouring Star / Flagellant / Arfsynd / Ibex Angel Order / Dødsengel / Chalice Of Blood by Terratur Possessions

4: Abraxas Rises to Be Crowned

Ludas (drums)
Herr AIDS (guitars, vocals)
- alias of Kevin Kentie

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