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Paranoia (1990-1992)

Paranoia - The Spectre of Paranoia The Spectre of Paranoia

demo TAPE 1992

1: Intro
2: Women's Hell
3: Human Experiment
4: Fuck the Dead
5: I Am Satan, Serial Killer
6: Slaves to the Master
7: The Vampire Comes Near
8: Christ Fanatics (on the Stakes)
9: Outro

Paranoia (programming, bass, vocals)

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Lanz (1992-1995)

Lanz - Faust der Macht Faust der Macht

demo TAPE 1994

1: Holy Mother Mary's Cunt Smells Like a Dead Goat's Anus
2: Sturm der Säuberung
3: Weit entfernt vom Reich der Sternen
4: Cold Void Legacy
5: Heksene fra den forstenede skog
6: Iconoclast in the Mosque
7: Faust der Macht
8: Lanz
9: War
10: Onvermijdelijke doodslag
11: A.W.A.F.A.G.F.B.H.M.
12: Het einde van de Christelijke overheersing

Paranoia (instruments, vocals)

Lanz - Gottin der Holle Göttin der Hölle

demo TAPE 1995

1: Intro
2: Remembrance of War
3: I Made Her My Bride
4: Die Vergangenheit des Weltals
5: Sturm der Säuberung (New Version)
6: Victimae
7: An Ode to My Hellish Witch
8: The Dark Is Mine
9: Chant of Praise
10: Perfectionist in Violence
11: Dancing in the Frostmoon Silence
12: Grip on the Elements of Nature
13: Outro

Paranoia (instruments, vocals)

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Namtillaku (1995)

Namtillaku - Namtillaku Namtillaku

demo TAPE 1995

1: Introduction
2: Castle of Black Mirrors, Part I
3: The Ancient Spiritroom
4: Satanische Mission in die Vergangenheit

Paranoia (vocals, drums, keyboards, bass)
Panther (guitars)

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Führer (1996)

Führer - Der totale Krieg Der Totale Krieg

demo TAPE 1996

1: Introduction of the Devastation
2: I Am the Reichsführer
3: Winds from the Slaughterfields
4: Fighting the Third One
5: Totaler Krieg
6: Insanity Remains
7: Requiem for the Fallen Dead
8: Why Deny the Holocaust
9: Anything for My Master
10: Fuel for the Ovens
11: Exodus of the Nuclear Victims

Paranoia (instruments, vocals)

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Lanz (2000+)

Lanz - Sink the Black Titanic

Sink the Black Titanic

demo TAPE / CD 2001

1: Willkommen
2: Dial M for Monkey
3: Beat Him Up (The Beating of a King)
4: Znal
5: Auschwitz? Wasn't That an Anorexia Clinic?
6: Sink the Black Titanic
7: The Aliens Have Landed
8: Zuig mijn sigaar
9: Africa, Satan's Experimental Disaster Area
10: Jesus Christ Gay Gangbang 2001
11: All Alone I Am
12: Yesterday Britney Spears Dressed up as Adolf Hitler and Fucked Me up the Ass with Her Pink Strap-On Dildo
13: Een Gratis Douche voor Iedereen
14: De Lach Denk en Doen Show
- Hans Versnel cover
15: I Rape Girls (From the Secret Diaries of Marc Dutroux)
16: I Am Sick, and I Love It
17: Hot Line
- Sylvers cover

Paranoia (arrangements, vocals)

Lanz - Lanz & Girls

Lanz - Lanz & Girls

Lanz & Girls

demo TAPE 2003 (released with 2 different covers)

1: Intro / Lief dagboek
2: Lanz & Girls
3: Ik voel niets dan haat
4: I Try Using the Power Drill on Her
5: Rebirth
6: Morgante maggiore
7: Seven Are They

Paranoia (instruments, vocals)

Lanz - The Satanic Rock Opera The Satanic Rock Opera

unreleased TRACKS 2003
TAPE 2014 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt / NLBMe

1: (Satan) She's My Little Pornstar
2: She Asked for It
- Apator cover
3: Violence Is the Lubricator
4: Slik mijn zaad voor Satan
5: De herrijzenis der sliblijken
6: Jesus's Eternal Butt Cheek
7: Today I'm into Black Metal
8: Demoniacal Genesis
9: B.M.P.
10: Conveyance of External Spirit into the Inner Sanctum
11: I Love Lanz
12: Mudblood Pogrom
13: Pedofiel in zwart gewaad

14: Earning a Place on the Thrones - Liar Of Golgotha cover, re-release bonus track

Paranoia (instruments, programming, vocals)
V Xul (guest, clean vocals; uncredited)
- alias of Vincent Meelhuysen

Lanz - Incinerator: The New Church Incinerator: The New Church

promo CD 2008 by NLBMe Management
CD 2010
by Post Apocalyptic Music

1: Commence the Ritual
2: The Mapping of Homicidal Urges
3: Impotent Needlechrist Baptism
4: Doped on Hatred
5: I Am Demonic
6: Denouncement
7: Veil
8: Drawn to Violence
9: Withdrawal
10: Anything for Master Satan
11: Slik Mijn Zaad voor Satan
12: A Vessel of Many
13: The Death of Black Metal
14: Voices
15: Hatred, Jealousy, and Disgust
16: Tomhet
- Burzum cover

16: She Asked for It - Apator cover; hidden track on re-release

Paranoia (programming, instruments, vocals)
V Xul (additional vocals; uncredited)

Lanz / The Parents Of Oude Pekela - Split Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Part 2

split 7" EP 2013: Lanz / The Parents Of Oude Pekela by New Era Productions

1: Litanie voor Satan

Paranoia (programming, instruments, vocals)
V Xul (additional vocals)

Groovy Taus / Lanz - Satanic Disco Holocaust


Satanic Disco Holocaust

split TAPE 2018: Groovy Taus / Lanz by New Era Productions, released with balloon and confetti

4: Buig voor Lanz almachtig
5: Klaar voor het geweld
6: Prijs de Satan

V Xul

Lanz - Transcendence Through Death

Transcendence Through Death

CD 2019 by The Ritual Productions / NLBMe

1: The Horror that Bore the Antichrist
2: Blizzard of Replenishment
3: Submission to Chaos
4: Use My Shit as Corpsepaint
5: Echoes of Ancient Mesopotamia
6: Seducing the Ancient One
7: The Wolf Cries Evil
- Countess cover
8: That Which Lurks Beyond
9: Desecration of the Lambs of God
- Animasturbator cover
10: Behold the Irrefutable Evidence of Divine and Demonic Neglect...
11: Satan Satan Only Satan
12: The Noxious Silence
13: The Godhead Executioner
14: Verlassen
- Absurd cover
15: Homeward Bound to Chaos

V Xul

Lanz - Made for Loving You


Made for Loving You

split TAPE 2019: Lanz / The Parents Of Oude Pekela by Zwaertgevegt

1: Made for Loving You - Kiss cover of I Was Made for Lovin' You
2: Een gratis douche voor iedereen (2018 Welness edition)
3: Lanz against All
4: Made for Loving You (Deconstructor 666999 remix)

Paranoia (instruments, vocals)
V Xul (additional backing vocals)

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