Legion Of Wolves (????-????)

Legion Of Wolves - In a Fury of Armageddon In a Fury of Armageddon

demo 2012

1: In a Fury of Armageddon

Legion Of Wolves / Wolfshof - Split Split

split TAPE 2012: Legion Of Wolves / Wolfshof by Zwaertgevegt

1: Flaming the Capitalist Church
2: Ashes of the Weak

Review: We are wandering into canine territory on this tape. Legion Of Wolves opens the tape with okay (N.S.) black metal, that somehow sounds very familiar and leaves me wonder where I had heard certain riffs before. Opening track Flaming the Capitalist Church might not be the most creative song, but somehow it works. The band’s second track Ashes of the Weak is weak. The melody is totally steering away from the rhythm, playing either too fast, early, slow or late.

Wolfshof starts with an electronic intro that somehow reminds me of Dutch 1980s movies – Amsterdamned, Flodder, etc. This feeling disappears when the guitars come and black metal takes its place. Wolfshof probably offers the better half of the tape, although the (vocal) production is less impressive than that of Legion Of Wolves.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.