Luciferian Insectus (????+)
Band was based in Florida, USA, but moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2013.

Luciferian Insectus - The Sacrifice Continues The Sacrifice Continues

TAPE 2013 by Serpent's Eye Records (limited to 66 copies)

1: Epical Interlude
2: Fetal Deformation
3: Death Struck
4: The Difference Between Mind, Flesh and Realization
5: Sigil ov Lucifer
6: Tormented Aggression
7: Rape and Pillage Through the Holy Lands
8: Denounced and Desecrated
9: Unholy Communion

Luciferian Insectus (everything)
- alias of Darren Peterson, a.k.a. Mantus

Luciferian Insectus - The Beckoning Call The Beckoning Call

demo CD 2014 by Speed Slaughter Productions

1: Lucid Serenity
2: Bloodlust
3: Devoured by Hatred
4: Facade of Murderistic Intention
5: Rage and a Bottle of Whisky
6: Misfortune
7: Skin My Heart, Drink My Blood
8: Satan geef me kracht

Luciferian Insectus (everything)

Luciferian Insectus - Zal van Beherit Zal van Beherit

demo CD 2014 by Speed Slaughter Productions

1: Call to Satan
2: Teeth ov Devil's Smile Fulfilled
3: Baden in de engelen bloed
4: Praise o' Lord Baphomet
5: Ritualistic Demonica
6: Tainted Wig
7: Anthropophagy
8: Into the Eternal Blackness
9: Ode to Darkness

Luciferian Insectus (everything)

Luciferian Insectus - Godless Godless

demo CD 2016

1: 666
2: Defilement ov the Holy Womb
3: Deliver Me in the Name ov Satan
4: The Crowned Deceiver
5: Invocation Ritual
6: Desecration ov the Cloth
7: The Awakening
8: Dead Thought ov a Dead Mind
9: The Fall ov Allah

Luciferian Insectus (everything)

Review: This ‘black metal’ often sounds like death metal and then suddenly spurts into open-chord black metal waters, with lots of melody and vocals that sound a bit more like screaming. The ‘clean’ vocals that pop up every now and then are quite irritating. There are certainly interesting passages in the music, but they often seem to come from the emergence of death metal parts. Godless could probably appeal to death and black metal fans alike, since both styles are represented in a well-played manner. The sound is quite thick - a must for all the death metal in there - but still far from modern brutal technical death metal, to name one of the popular branches, despite structures that could have come from that subgenre. One other annoying element: after Zyklon no band should again use ‘ov’ as a permanent replacement for ‘of’ as a gimmick. Luciferian Insectus does that on every track, which is unnecessary and immature.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

Lacet saeva ad coronam

CD 2018 by The Apollyon Entertainment Group (limited to 25 copies)

1: Lacet saeva ad coronam
2: Rule ov Truth
3: Birth ov a Satanic Soul
4: Satanas exauldi me
5: The Dark Cold
6: Cry ov a Dying Star
7: Death ov a Mormon

Luciferian Insectus (everything)

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