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Malignant (1989-1992, 1999+)

Malignant - Demoniac Ceremony Demoniac Ceremony

demo TAPE 1989

1: Intro: The Arrival of Nosferatu
2: Sacerificial Carnage
3: Demoniac Ceremony
4: Dawn of Eternity
- Massacre cover
5: Annexation to the Blasphemous Souls

Malignant - The Return The Return

rehearsal demo TAPE 1999

1: Totalen Krieg
2: The Return of Darkness and Evil
- Bathory cover
3: The Sign of Evil Existance
4: The Dance of Eternal Shadows
- Darkthrone cover
5: Summon Infernal Darkness
6: Sacrificial Carnage (demo 1989)
7: Demoniac Ceremony (demo 1989)

Malignant - Totaler Krieg Totaler Krieg

demo TAPE 2001

1: Totaler Krieg
2: Kristallnacht
3: Stuka Angriff
4: Summon Infernal Darkness
5: Demoniac Ceremony (demo 1989)
6: The Return of Darkness and Evil (demo 1999)
- Bathory cover
7: Dance of Eternal Shadows (demo 1999)
- Darkthrone cover


Review: I have been waiting quite some time for this demo to be released! In 1989 Malignant spread its first demo Demoniac Ceremony, and only in 1999 a second (rehearsal) demo was recorded, aptly titled The Return. Now they have really come back with four excellent underground black metal tracks. Its sound is extremely raw, and far away from the mainstream scene, and its cassette format seems to become extinct, since cyber-black has emerged with its mp3's and cdr's. Totaler Krieg is what it suggests: total war in controversial black metal shape.

Source: Black Art Magazine #5, 2002.

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