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Marquis (2005+)


demo CD 2007

1: Echopraxie
2: Echoes of the Dead
3: Intornix Halulu
4: Killing Dawn of Visions
5: Marches of Vermin
6: Non li aea
7: Quaade saterdag
8: Possessive
9: Zwaar gestoord
10: Oorlog

Marquis (instruments, vocals)


CD 2008 by Affliction Records

1: Seer of the Apocalypse
2: Demon and the Church
3: Victorious with the Atillary of Satan
4: Terzieler
5: Slaves
6: Hallucinogen
7: Diabolical Dirge
8: Dodenklacht

Marquis (instruments, vocals)

Marquis - The Schizo Collection The Schizo Collection

TAPE 2011 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 66 copies)

1: Ghost Chains
2: Kukulkan
3: Grey Area
4: Sacred Creation
5: Utopia
6: Empty State
7: Above Relentlessness
8: Solipsism
9: Dark Realms
10: Prelude of Paranormal Insight
11: The Engine of Psychedelic Madness
12: Deep inside My Darkness
13: Sacreficed to the Ocean
14: As I Dwell in My Darkest Dreams
15: Deathspell Horizon
16: The Ultimate Satanic Power
17: Non II Aea

Marquis (instruments, vocals)

Various Artists - Argentinian and Dutch Violation Argentinian and Dutch Violation

split TAPE 2012: Toorn / Marquis / Wolves' Winter / Heimldaalr by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 150 copies)

3: Deathspell Horizon
4: Echoes

Marquis (instruments, vocals)

Review: Marquis has quite a unique sound, with a little more bass than expected, and has its referential links with Thorns (on Deathspell Horizon). The vocals are present and pretty unique in sound. They are more raspy than the usual black metal screams and sometimes creep into deathgrunt territory - they remind me of Lanz! The black metal of Marquis sometimes borrows stuff from thrash metal, which works well here. But there’s plenty of Scandinavian-like (Swedish) black here (on Echoes). The guitar solo at the end should have been skipped (or played in tune) - it now borders on anticlimax.

Toorn brings up a wall of sound, with guitars pushing the borders of throwing up. Still, both (bass and snare) drums and vocals find their way through. I even wonder if I’m hearing a little bit of a keyboard in there, but this could be a sound illusion caused by the density of frequencies. The Darkthrone rehearsal cover Under a Funeral Moon sounds brutal as hell, but I’m still undecided whether I like it or not. It almost sounds like death metal because of the guitar wall. UaFM is really written for very thin guitars...

Wolves’ Winter and Heimdaalr are Argentinian bands and I can say that they are both good in their own way. WW is fast and has distant vocals with a phaser that are quite annoying, but alas. Heimdaalr has quite a clear sound, but has buried the vocals underneath the guitars and drums. Their tracks could’ve easily been instrumental... But since they are not Dutch this is all I say about them.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.