Morbid Wrath - Angelrape

Morbid Wrath (1999+)

Morbid Wrath - Angelrape Angelrape

split demo TAPE 2001: Morbid Wrath / Crucifixation

1: Spawned in Hell
2: Prayers of Emptiness
3: Resurrection of the Corpse-God
4: Black God of Damnation
5: Attack of the Demongod
6: Angelrape
7: Into the Pit of Death

Venevicium (everything)
- a.k.a. Pazuzu, Mahrkusha, M.O.R.-T (Messenger of Rhan-Tegoth)

Review: I know it is fairly useless to review demo's that have been spread in extremely limited editions such as 20 copies, like this one, since none of you will ever witness its music, but frankly I don't care and review them anyway! Two solo-projects were put on this highly obscure tape. First up is Morbid Wrath with its Angelrape contribution. This noisy black / death metal project reminds me a lot of early Beherit and Blasphemy (those were the days), containing seven songs that are quite hard to tell apart at first. This is the ultimate music to scare off people that have / want nothing to do with black metal - underground, sick, brutal, Satanic, and obscure! The b-side contains four songs by Crucifixation, packed together as The Grind of Christian Bones, a now-dead project comparable to Abruptum - slow, unstructured, screamy, ritualistic black noise. Though both bands are produced with a sound to make your brain burst out of its skull, this represents the black metal underground of today, in times where polished death metal has taken over most of black metal's popularity, or kids swear only by the major (Scandinavian) bands... Don't bother searching for this demo, since my guess is that it's no longer available. Although I learned later that a re-release on cdr might exist.

Source: Black Art Magazine #5, 2002.