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Necrodaemon (1998+)
Moved from Israel to the Netherlands.

Necroabyss Grim Holocaust

demo CD 2001

1: Purification
2: Infatuated
3: Pleasures of Pain
4: Imprecator
5: Divine Presence
6: Necromancy

Commander Warmaster Necrodaemon (instruments)
Dikapitator (vocals, guitars)
- alias of Ariel Ron

Necrodeamon - Prophecy of the Decadent Prophecy of the Decadent

CD 2005 by Twilight Vertrieb

1: Custodian of the Truth
2: Serpent Splendor
3: Prophecy of the Decadent
4: Necrodaemon
5: Shredded
6: Driven by Wrath
7: Pleasures of Pain
8: Day of Damnation
9: The Last Havoc

L.K. Warmaster (instruments)
A.R. Dekapitator (vocals, guitars)

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