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Necrofeast (1993-2000)

Demo #1

demo TAPE 1993

1: Doomed Christ
2: The Blessing

Necrofeast - Necrofeast Necrofeast

CD 1996 by Creations Of Necromantical Mysteriis

1: Hymn of the Hordes
2: Time for Revenge
3: The Return of Darkness and Evil
- Bathory cover
4: The Blessing
5: Doomed Christ
6: Northern Wrath
7: Outro

Dagon (vocals)
Centurion (guitars, bass)
Charon (drums)
- alias of Bjorn

Review: After a cool intro with an acoustic guitar we are treated five songs of real underground black metal, with lots of slow passages and a 'distant' guitar sound. The voice is - most likely deliberately - put into the foreground of the music, and it works. Although it lingers between an undergound Darkthrone and a dark Bathory, it could have been better if only one of the two was chosen for the release. The Bathory cover sounds less dark than the original, but has a more modern (read: mid 1990s) touch, but - like the rest of the songs - seems to linger in the distance. Curiously, the track Northern Wrath has a different production, which leans a bit towards Beherit. This style would've been a good option for the entire album as well. Despite the fact that -at that time- Necrofeast was a band looking for its musical identity, this debut album is one of the few early examples of underground Dutch black metal scene, certainly because it came in a time where keyboards and added female vocals were on the rise.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, 2012.

Wederkeer der heidenen

demo TAPE 1998

1: Lebens Ende
2: Northern Shadow Dance
3: Wederkeer der heidenen
4: Of Darkness I Am Born
5: Gedachten van mijn duister
6: Een zwart innerlijk

Dagon (vocals)
Krieger (instruments)

Necrofeast - Soulwinds Soulwinds

CD 2000 by The Drama & Sin Company

1: Slag om Germania
2: Soulwinds in the Battle Sky
3: Runendans
4: Roep van de raaf
5: A Sacrifice to Ingvi
6: Hymn / Spirit of Death
7: Secrets of the Shadowdancer
8: The Halls and Glory of Walhalla
9: Bloed in de sneeuw
- Countess cover
10: Eeuwige strijd tegen al licht en leven

Dagon (vocals)
Krieger (instruments)

Review: Soulwinds is the second release of the band Necrofeast, that debuted in 1996 with their dark cd Necrofeast, but had remained pretty silent ever since. In the years that have passed, a lot of things changed for the band. The only surviving member of the debut is Dagon - who is also active in the band Black Art and several side-projects - who has joined forces with ex-Welter and Grendel musician Krieger. Together they have filled a cd with music that crosses the Austrian Summoning with their very own folky industrial style, and bits of electro / dance (courtesy of Krieger no doubt). I can recommend this cd for the cover version of the great Countess song Bloed in de Sneeuw alone, of which Dagon and Krieger have made their own interpretation.

Source: Black Art Magazine #4, 2001.

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