Frostbite (2003-2007)

Frostbite - Polar Storms

Polar Storms

demo TAPE 2004

1: Intro
2: untitled
3: untitled
4: untitled
5: untitled

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)
- alias of Jeroen Putman

Review: After an intro nobody wants to hear - 1:40 minutes of ‘storm’ - four untitled tracks start (untitled tracks are almost always a bad sign of a lack of creativity). The sound is surely home-made. The guitars are simple and loud, but buzzing, and the always slow drums are in the front of the soundscape, while the vocals are at the very rear end - and that’s not an anal pun. There are some interesting parts in the music, because of inventive bass-slides and subtle alterations in the bass riffs that contrast with the guitars. But all this time, the ‘distance’ of the vocals remains annoying. I think this might appeal to black metal fans that like doom metal as well, but care less about doom metal’s traditionally solid, heavy production.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

Frostbite - Lost


demo CD 2004

1: Polar Storms
2: The Prophecies
3: Lost
4: Ice Wind
5: Frostridden
6: The Red Sky
7: Fullmoon
8: The Vampire

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Frostbite - Dodenwinter


demo CD 2005

1: Dodenstorm
2: Autumn Appears
3: IJzige nevel
4: Ropen kapot en verrot
5: Blitzkrieg
6: Snowfall
7: Melancholie
8: A Grimm Night
9: Helse bliksem
10: Total Holocaust

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Frostbite - Dood aan alles

Dood aan alles

demo CD 2006

1: Alles zal sterven
2: Darkness
3: Dodenwinter
4: Human Filth
5: Koude nacht
6: De ziel van de doden
7: Kristalheldere winternacht
8: Helse bliksem

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Four Cold Years

compilation demo CD 2007

1. Fullmoon
2. A Cold Night
3. I'm Lost
4. Winterland
5. Autumn
6. Darkness
7. Koude nacht
8. De ziel van de doden
9. Gone Forever
10. Unholy and Evil
11. Black Dimensions
12. Nothingness
13. Molestation of the Last Dimension
14. Where Once Was Life
15. The Mighty Forest
16. The Red Sky '06 version
17. Black Dimensions '06 version

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Nord logo

Nord (2007+)

Nord - Black Dimensions Black Dimensions

demo CD 2007
TAPE 2011 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Winter 1
2: Winter 2
3: Winter 3
4: Winter 4
5: Winter 5
6: Avond 6
7: Avond 7
8: Avond 8
9: Nacht 9
10: Nacht 10
11: Nacht 11

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Nord - Dood Dood

demo TAPE 2008
TAPE 2011 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Bericht uit het dodenrijk
2: Cosmic Resonance
3: Kil
4: Verloren
5: Weißes Kleid
6: Als een ziel
7: Ogen vol vuur
8: Drieluik des doods I
9: Drieluik des doods II
10: Drieluik des doods III
11: Dodenrijk / Hallucinations
12: Cosmic Resonance

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Review: The dark droning sound that opens the disc would’ve worked if the next tracks were of a better quality. There’s just too much space filler on this release, most of which would’ve been at home on a dark ambient tape. So, let’s go to the black metal, which is the other problem. The tracks that slide away when the time creeps on, are of such a quality that I wouldn’t have released them this way. There are only a hand full of decent riffs here. Brought together with a better sound (less traditional ‘bedroom’), they could have been made into a way better release. Most of the stuff (including the better stuff) is slow in tempo. The guitars are grainy and the drums are thin as fuck, so the 50 minutes or so will probably never keep people reeled in for the entire experience.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Nord - Vaarwel Vaarwel

demo 2009
TAPE 2012 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Angst
2: Astrale nevel
3: Vanuit de kou
4: Blik in de ziel
5: Hoop
6: Wintermelodie
7: Glinsteringen
8: IJsdans
9: Verdriet

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Review: This release seems to focus on the bass guitar, while the guitar is a hardly audible buzz and the drums are clicks in the background. This one is very unappealing, and listening to it makes me want to do all but listening… I guess musician Frostbite was to make this into a ‘suicidal’ release, and guess what, it might just work – but for totally different reasons!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Nord - Als een ziel Als een ziel

demo TAPE 2009 (limited to 8 copies)
TAPE 2012 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Nothing
2: Waar Ooit Leven Was
3: Spiegels der Ziel
4: Drieluik der Eenzaamheid
5: Ontwaakt in Eeuwigheid
6: Vaarwel
7: Astrale Melodie

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Review: On this release Nord continues with a lot of slow black metal and a production that is perhaps a bit more dark than Bericht uit het dodenrijk, but is still sub-par. Still, the potential I missed on that album seems to be on this one, and I can imagine how this would sound with a real production. This time it will take about 43 minutes of your life away, and I understand you will probably opt for a no-go or waste this time only once! Als een ziel is better than Bericht, but it’s still very far from impressive.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Yaotzin / Adonai Sathanas / Nord - Split


split TAPE 2010: Yaotzin / Adonai Sathanas / Nord by Zwaertgevegt

5: Psychose
6: Waar Ooit Leven Was
7: Hoop
- Rachmaninov cover

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Review: First up are two rehearsal tracks by Yaotzin - the band that impressed me with the debut mini-CD Heaven Burning Bleeding. But Yaotzin turned out to be the kind of band that released every rehearsal or recording they ever did, resulting in a long list of more-of-the-same, totally pushing me towards avoidance. Don’t get me wrong, a track like The Incarnation of Satan is worthy stuff but really deserves a fierce studio production, and not a second rate rehearsal sound. The Mayhem covers Freezing Moon and Deathcrush are okay, and they probably work really well live or as a well-produced cover. However, I’m not waiting for a rehearsal of these songs, other than by an early Mayhem line-up.

Adonai Sathanas has chosen a very weird sound for its vocals. While the instruments are sounding pretty decent - although I suspect them being a rehearsal - the vocals are weirdly balanced above the music, with a sound that immediately brings to mind a microphone stand in a shower. The Bathory cover Satan My Master is enjoyable, and the vocals seem to be a little more balanced here.

Nord offers very low-fi black metal, starting after a keyboard-intro that would have sounded too ramshackle even in 1990-1992... The black metal needs a few moments to warm up, but there are some moody riffs on Waar ooit leven was worth listening to. The drums are totally ignorable though, and sound like my own teenage-experiments in the early 1990s. Conclusion: intro and outro should have been skipped.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.


TAPE 2012 (limited to 16 copies)

8 untitled tracks

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

Het Lot

demo TAPE 2013

1: IJslijke Dreiging
2: Ziel, Zo Schoon
3: Vertrouw het Pure
4: Het Lot
5: Frostbite
6: Dwalend Spook

Frostbite (instruments, vocals)

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