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Northhymn (2005-2012)
One of the two musicians is from the Netherlands, the other from Sweden.

Northhymn - The Northern Battle The Northern Battle

TAPE 2012 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 66 copies)

1: Intro
2: Legions from Hell
3: Demonic Winds
4: Estri, the Winterland King

Sarathan (instruments)
- alias of Roy
Nocres (vocals)

Review: After a nice martial industrial intro, Northhymn kicks off with Legions from Hell. The track sounds great and brings to mind Emperor’s Into the Nightside Eclipse, old Limbonic Art, or the early works of Nokturnal Mortum (which are also Emperor-inspired). It might not be the most original stuff, but it does sound cool. The keyboards are present, but not gothic-, folk-, or fantasy-annoying and they are supporting only, not leading. The Northern Battle is a demo that has its charms, and those that can stomach a bit of synthetics will undoubtedly find this one pleasing.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.