Nu Is Alles Anders (????+)

Nu Is Alles Anders - Het eeuwige leven Het eeuwige leven

TAPE 2010 by Heidens Hart Records

1: Voidwandering
2: Noch iets, noch niets
3: Reclaim
4: Alles anders is nu
5: Het eeuwige leven

Review: A lot of demo bands from the Netherlands have a certain affinity with distant buzzing black metal, once popularised by Burzum on his Hvis lyset tar oss cd. Nu Is Alles Anders (‘everything is different now’) offers moody mid-tempo black metal with an additional keyboard following the chord pattern of the repetitive guitar. The production could’ve been better, but is not a big hindrance. It actually reminds me of Paysage d’Hiver / Darkspace, without all the long ambient interludes. A better production might have catapulted this band shamelessly into the boring shoegaze / post-black category - which could also be the band name’s fault, I guess. Luckily this release does not feature any single-string tremelo picking, so it remains un-post-black metal...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

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