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Prickrott (2005+)

Prickrott - Fuck Your God Fuck Your God

demo CD 2007

1: The Awakening of the Dark Past
2: Virtuosity
3: IJzer Zagen
4: Blak Metal
5: Letter to the Pope
6: Unoly Blaesbalgh
7: Enemy Base
8: Wout in Blik
9: Thy Flesh Consumed

The Shapeshifter (rhythm guitars, drum programming)
- alias of Lodewijk Pollemans
The Announcer (lead guitars, vocals, drum programming)
- alias of Joey

Hate United

demo CD 2008

1: Intro
2: Existence of Ignorance
3: Digital Satan
4: Don't Go into the Woods Alone

The Shapeshifter (programming)
The Announcer (rhythm guitars, vocals, programming)

Prickrott - Total Fucking Meltdown Total Fucking Meltdown

demo CD 2009
TAPE 2012 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Intro
2: Mindfolter
3: The Destruction of Ephemeral Faith
4: Total Fucking Meltdown
5: Angel Dissection
6: The Reign of the Technodemon
7: Fenrir’s Revenge
8: Summon the Horde
- Asmodeus cover

Morkulv (lead guitars, bass, programming)
- alias of Lodewijk Pollemans
Ijin (rhythm guitars, vocals)
- alias of Joey

Review: Prickrott is one of the strangest names in Dutch black metal - really, what’s a Prickrott? Anyway... Total Fucking Meltdown is something that is pretty much death metal with a black metal vibe. I hear black metal riffs, but done in a direct-plug-in sound that’s not conducive for the music, and distorted vocals (a reminder of the Filosofem-past but sadly never left there). Everything is packed together, which makes it hard to really distinguish what’s going on. Because of that it just goes on and on, without much impact and variation. That’s until Fenrir’s Revenge offers a short massive layer of keyboard surprise, waking me up from my slumber. In a way, Total Fucking Meltdown could be black metal elevator music… but I wouldn’t want to get stuck in that elevator for too long.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

Prickrott - Cyberworm Cyberworm

TAPE 2014 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 40 copies)

1: Cyberworm
2: Daar Waar Engelen Falen
3: Brainbreaker
4: Gateway to the Subconcious
5: Human Insignificanse
6: Dance of Elestia
7: Spiral of Morbid Satisfaction

The Shapeshifter (lead guitars, programming)
The Enforcer (lead vocals, bass)
- alias of Johan Meulendijk