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Sammath (1994+)

Visions upon Winterlands

promo TAPE 1995

1: Visions of Winterlands
2: Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, drums, vocals)

Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte

demo TAPE 1996

1: Visions upon Winter Lands
2: Darkest Witchcraft (of Axes and Swords)
3: Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte
4. Death of a God

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)
M. Geertsen (drums)

Sammath - De ru´nes fluisteren De ru´nes fluisteren

promo TAPE 1997

1: Anfauglier, the Wolf of Carcharoth (Thus the Great Shadows Return)
2: In het teken van het zevende zwaard
3: De zwarte bergen
4: Gevangenen der duistere schoonheid
5: De ru´nes fluisteren
6: Als de hordes voortgaan
7: De verbanning
8: Vervloekt zijt Christus

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)
M. Geertsen (drums)

Sammath - Strijd Strijd

CD 1999 by Folter Records
LP 2002 re-release
by Macabre Operetta

1: De glorie van het slagveld
2: Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte
3: Strijd
4: Drakenbloed
5: De heidense vlam zal branden
6: Als duisternis de kasteeltorens bedekt
7: Met de strijdbijl in mijn hand

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)

Sammath - Verwoesting / Devastation Verwoesting / Devastation

CD 2002 by Folter Records

1: Satan Infinity
2: Devastation
3: The Timeless Splendour of Chaos
4: Enter the Sadistic Nightmare
5: Fertile Life End
6: Where Is Your God
7: Die Again
8: Verwoesting
9. Tormentor

Koos Bos (drums)
Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)

Sammath - Dodengang Dodengang

CD 2006 by Folter Records

1: To Hell
2: Ravager
3: Dodengang
4: Ashes to Ashes
5: Imminence, War & Death
6: Stalingrad
7: Oblivion
8: Merciless

Koos Bos (drums)
Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)

Sammath - Triumph in Hatred Triumph in Hatred

CD 2009 by Folter Records

1: Triumph in Hatred
2: Blood
3: Burn in the Fires of Hell
4: Interlude / Prelude to War
5: Blazing Storm of Steel
6: Damnation
7: Torment

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)
Koos Bos (drums)
Ruud Nillesen (bass)

Review: Sammath is a band I kind-of lost years ago after the release of their Strijd album, which I felt was their strongest up to date. But now they strike again with Triumph in Hatred on the German label Folter Records. On it the band has left behind a lot of the obvious death metal influences, that I felt were too prominent on their previous releases Verwoesting and Dodengang (although I will probably have to listen to them again in retrospect, having heard this album). Somehow Triumph in Hatred reminds me of a well produced cross between Immortal's Battles in the North and Blizzard Beasts, but with a more up-to-date approach in musicianship and quality riffing. (That Immortal-mixture is very fine with me, by the way; they were the last defining albums of an Immortal now gone to ruins). With its great artwork, that feels oddly nostagic, it is good to say that I have once again been pulled back to Sammath's aggressive sonic warfare.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, November 2009.

Sammath - NL Black Metal Demo's 96 & 97 NL Black Metal Demo's 96 & 97

compilation TAPE 2012 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 150 copies)

1-4: Contains Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte
5-12: Contains De ru´nes fluisteren

Sammath - Godless Arrogance Godless Arrogance

CD / LP 2014 by Hammerheart Records
TAPE 2014
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Shot in Mass
2: Fear upon Them
3: Godless
4: Thrive in Arrogance
5: This World Must Burn (Hammer of Supremacy)
6: Through Filth and the Remains of Man
7: Death (Hunt Them Down)
8: Nineteen Corpses Hang in the Mist

Jan Kruitwagen (guitars, bass, vocals)
Koos Bos (drums)
Ruud Nillesen (bass)

Review: Jan of Sammath surprised me with his new promo, five years after the band made its statement on Triumph in Hatred. The band has left their homestead of Folter Records for the well-known Dutch Hammerheart Records to release the Godless Arrogance LP and CD, the first limited to 600 copies (100 splattered, 500 plain). While Triumph packed quite a few Immortal references, this new one is more original (although sometimes Blizzard Beasts still comes along) and shows its own tormented face. The bass guitar sounds heavily distorted and very heavy (a definite plus; think Repulsion Horrified), which is in excellent contrast with the traditionally shrill old-school black metal guitar sound (another real plus), and the prominently featured fast pounding drums. This is all topped with aggressive black metal screams, which effectively pull the few death metal traces still present away from that genre. All these things work very well together, Sammath has enough experience to write songs that form a massive wall of brutality but don't get boring, and they found a producer that knew what he was doing putting together for this nihilistic piece of black art... Release is scheduled for February 2014, be sure to stand in line.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, January 2014.