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Stink (2004-2010)

Stink - Die dwoad komt náder Die dwoad komt náder

demo TAPE 2006 (limited to 13 copies)

1: Intro
2: Dwoad
3: Die meester's laaimokkel
4: Liken in die bojjum
5: Veengeest

Dwoadlik (drum programming, guitars, vocals)
- a.k.a. Kenneth

Stink - Die vuyle dompen ende afgryselijcke rottigheden Die vuyle dompen ende afgryselijcke rottigheden

TAPE 2010 by Zwaertgevegt

1: Nachtelijke dwaling (Intro)
2: Meester van die bremsen
3: Die vuyle dompen ende afgryselijcke rottigheden
4: Veen en doal
5: Bezčke en verhongen
6: Circle of Fucking Life
- Apator cover

bonus: Die dwoad komt náder
7: Intro
8: Dwoad
9: Die meester's laaimokkel
10: Liken in die bojjum
11: Veengeest

12: Verkrachting der engelen - Christfighter cover

Dwoadlik (drum programming, guitars, vocals)

Review: The creepy intro Nachtelijke dwaling is quite a promising start for this tape, but when Meester van die bremsen starts (why not correctly ‘de bremzen’ or is there perhaps one specific bunch of ‘bremzen’ to be mastered?), we hear an old-Mayhem riff turned into fast drum-computer driven noise, comparable to old Botulistum demo material. The music is basic and simple to its core, but not really powerful or aggressive - which could have been the case with any attention to production. Apart from the drums we hear one buzzing guitar offering Von-like monotony. The distant reverberating vocals sound more like a passing breeze than actual lyrics. The demo also features an Apator cover, Circle of Fucking Life, which is always a plus in my book, but cannot touch the original. The second half of the demo has another cool intro, but the tracks that follow are comparable to the others, and the (lack of) production seems even less powerful. The last track of the bunch, Verkrachting der engelen, suddenly leaps forward with a completely different distorted harsh sound and atmosphere. These two minutes might be a surprise, but not an improvement, but what to expect from material of the dubious, sick Christfighter. Anyway, I know the title prepares us for filthy and horrible decay, but it would have been nice if it hadn’t been taken this literally.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.