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Styxian Industries (2007+)

Promo 2009

demo 2009

1: Path to Revelation and Enlightment
2: Perceptions of Demise
3: Remnants of a Former Self

Styxian Industries - Renormalized Existence Renormalized Existence

rehearsal demo CD 2009

1: Path to Revelation and Enlightenment
2: Renormalized Existence
3: Revise Your Existence
4: Escaping Reality

Review: Even though this four-track demo cd is 'only' a rehearsal, you can hear that - when provided with a real studio - this band has the potential to deliver quality industrialized black metal. Styxian Industries originates from the town of Gouda, and consists of four men and one woman. Together they have managed to make their music not too cold and industrial, but emphasize instead on the riffs they play. I feel the music itself can already hold its own without the industrial extra's, which are mainly brought forward as rhythmic support. Because it is a rehearsal, I will not delve too deep into productional flaws, but I do hope that on a future release they will bring the vocals to the front of the music... I have already heard that they are preparing and/or recording something new right now, so I won't have to wait long to get my answers! By the way, a nice and unexpected bonus were the fridge magnet, button, and keyring of the band I received with the cd. Now that's promotion!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, November 2009.

Wintersampler '09

demo CD 2009

1: Path to Revelation and Enlightenment - taken from Promo 2009
2: Escaping Reality
- taken from Renormalized Existence
3: Revise Your Existence (live)

Styxian Industries - Salvation Through Deterioration Salvation through Deterioration

mini-CD 2010

1: Remnants of the Former Self
2: Salvation through Deterioration
3: Finites Perturbing the True Vacuum
4: Revise Your Existence
5: Escaping Reality

Dr. Z (bass)
Ms. M (guitars)
- alias of Marina van de Wetering
Mr. A (guitars)
- alias of André
Mr F. (percussion, drums)
Ir T. (vocals)
- alias of Tobias van Eijk

Review: After hearing the rehearsal demo of this band in 2009, I was eager to hear how it would present its industrialised black metal on a proper studio product. It took a while, but in December 2010 I received the package with the newly released material. This time without any bonus items such as magnets and buttons that came with the last one, but with a nice serene white lay-out and infosheet. Salvation through Deterioration turns out to be a quality release. The industrialised drums (the drummer uses electronic drum pads to get the right effect) are integrated in good black metal with both a modern as well as an old-school feeling. The old-school element is probably due to the Mysticum influence they mention. The songs are solid - tighter and more distinguishable than on the rehearsal demo - and the sound is going in the right direction. I still feel the vocals could have been more clear and pronounced, and the overall sound could have been a bit sharper (a bit more like the industrial drums and soundscapes used) to give it an extra edge, but that could just be personal preference. By now I have seen the mcd in various shops around Rotterdam, so who's to say it's not available near you. Otherwise contact the band a.s.a.p. if you're into industrial black metal.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, January 2011.

Styxian Industries - Manifestation Exaltation Revelation

Styxian Industries - Manifestation Exaltation Revelation

Manifestation Exaltation Revelation

split CD 2012: Redreom / Styxian Industries by Total Death Records (limited to 1000 copies)
TAPE 2013 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 66 copies)

Split CD version
6: 12344260486
7: Von Neumann Machines
8: 21st Centuary God
9: Revise Your Existence
10: The Prophecy

TAPE version
1: 12344260486
2: Von Neumann Machines
3: 21st Century God
4: Revise Your Existence
5: The Prophecy
6: Diagnosis: Psychosis
7: Rerecording of a Former Self

Ms. M (guitars)
Mr F. (drums, programming, bass)
Ir T. (vocals)

Review: The trademark terror drums of Styxian Industries have still not left their side, but they do alternate with more traditional drums on passages where some - and I think of The Berzerker - would chose to keep using them (instantly ruining the music). This band use the bass-heavy terror drums only when called for - on pieces where industrial slow drums or mid-tempo’s are called for. Because of this, they keep sounding welcome, despite the enormous resonance and impact on the instruments surrounding them. Musically Styxian Industries is a band that offers songs that cannot be ingested at any random moment. It’s intense and alternates between industrial black metal and dense fast black metal, with, at appropriate times, keyboards to take care of the highest frequencies, which means that the album is a mood piece. This does not mean it’s bad, but it will have a harder time making friends than more traditional albums. M.E.R. concludes with two songs that feel different. Diagnosis Psychosis is somehow too noise-directed for the album and the closing track Rerecording of a Former Self has such a different production that it feels alien, like an unevenly balanced split-album. It’s not bad, and it sounds solid, but it kind-of breaks the mood by its differnce in sound. But they are tape-only songs, which explains a lot!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, September 2018.

Styxian Industries - The Last Generation The Last Generation

mini-CD 2014 by Post Apocalyptic Music

1: Exit the Realm
2: The Last Generation
3: When We Leave
4: Diagnosis Psychosis
5: Re-Recording of a Former Self

Ms. M (guitars)
Mr F. (percussion, drums)
Ir T. (vocals)