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Tartaros (1992-2002)

Tartaros - Dark Wounds Dark Wounds

rehearsal demo TAPE 1994

1: The Hunters Prelude (intro)
2: Prediction of the Apocalyptic Return
3: Dark Wounds (Which Can't Be Forgotten)
4: Salvation of a Sad Spirit
5: The Hunt Builds (outro)

Tartaros - Made in Hell Made in Hell

rehearsal demo TAPE 1995

1: Darkened Destiny
2: Dark Wounds
3: Chamber of Emptiness

Tartaros - Darkened Destiny Darkened Destiny

LP 2001 by Damnation Records (limited to 500 copies)
CD 2012 re-release by New Era Productions (limited to 500 copies)
TAPE 2014 re-release by Heidens Hart Records (limited to 100 copies)

1: Intro: I Remember
2: Chamber of Emptiness
3: Fight 'till Death
4: Bloodcoloured Snow
5: Darkened Destiny
6: Outro: Walt Monster End

Review: After having been around for what seems like ages, and having delivered two rehearsal demo's during that time, Tartaros finally got around to recording its first and final studio release in 1997. Sadly, this band has disappeared from existence not long after the release in 1999. But it was worth all the postponing and waiting, since Tartaros' Darkened Destiny is one massive album that cannot be ignored by anybody. There are only four tracks on this album, but that doesn't mean the experience will be over in the blink of an eye. These five men mastered the art of creating lengthy, yet never boring songs, and did this with a production that takes you back to the scene of the early 1990's. When it was finally released, only 500 pieces of vinyl were pressed, and it was never re-released on cd, which makes it quite hard to find, but certainly worth any effort you put in finding it... Oh, and for anybody's information, this sure beats the crap out of the Norwegian band Tartaros!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2007.

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