Vril (2004-????)

Vril - Once and Again Thule Once and Again Thule

TAPE 2004 by Blutreinheit Productions
classification: black death metal

1: Worship of the Ancient Blood
2: Mass Rituals of Conquest
3: The Invisible War Wages On
4: Resurrection of the Iron Will / Once and Again Thule

Review: It is seldom that I come across something rare being this enjoyable. Vril is a little known project that sounds more like solid old school death metal than modern black metal. Whenever the band's playing slow, it sounds like early 1990s death metal, but when the tempo accellerates we hear the obvious black metal influences; and no death grunt can hide that from view... With the Wewelsburg on the cover, the black sun emblem in the logo, a release referring to the Thule Society, and a band name like Vril, one can suspect the actual ideological coverage of the music. Vril claims not to have racial motives for using the aforementioned items, but is driven by a more spiritual approach. However, since there is only very limited information on this band, I will not submit more than I have done. To get a more elaborate review, I urge the band to come forward with more information.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, November 2009.

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