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Warden - Rites of Passage Rites of Passage

TAPE 2015 by The Shadow Kingdom

1: Rites of Passage

Into Shadow Realms Unknown

TAPE 2016 by The Shadow Kingdom

1: Into Shadow Realms Unknown

Warden - The Obsidian Realm The Obsidian Realm

TAPE 2016 by The Shadow Kingdom

1: Part I: Into Shadow Realms Unknown
2: Part II: The Sunken Kingdom

Blood Tyrant / Warden - Duvonde skerfe Duvonde skerfe

split TAPE 2017: Blood Tyrant / Warden by The Shadow Kingdom

5: Ver sei glut det lljusen

Review: The tape starts with four untitled tracks by Blood Tyrant, which kick off in a way that make me fear what’s ahead, but the moment drums, keyboards and vocals kick in Blood Tyrant reveals itself as a hauntingly creepy black metal band. The music is continually balancing on the edge that could tip it over into ugly dissonants, but manages to stay on top of things - barely - making the tracks an unsettling listening experience. This has the right ingredients for a good release, but Blood Tyrant will have to work on its production and lift the sound out of its rehearsal-feel. I think I can recommend this to people that enjoy bands like Hetroertzen and Horns.

Warden is the second band on this tape and offers about fourteen minutes of dark ambient to come down from the black metal of Blood Tyrant. Warden is capable of composing all of the mysterious soundscapes that are common in the ambient subgenre, but since I am often only mildly interested in this music I cannot rate this in comparison to the ambient-leaders of the game; no idea who they are! The sound is clear and free of layers of noise that are sometimes the easy way to simulated creepiness. I am not interested in listening to this kind of music for over an hour, so the length of the Warden-half of the split is very satisfying. People that like Wolfsduister will like this as well...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.

Warden - Krochtenmagii Krochtenmagii

LP 2018 by Skyggeraich (limited to 100 copies)

1: Krochtenmagii I
2: Krochtenmagii II

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