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Weltschmerz (2009+)

Weltschmerz - Cry for War

Weltschmerz - Cry for War

Cry for War

demo CD 2009
TAPE 2010 re-release

1: March for Blood
2: Total War
3: Hunt for Souls
4: Hymne til Ulver
5: Geschrei in der Nacht

Hreim (vocals)
Hræsvelg (guitars, bass)
- alias of Michiel van der Werff
Valr (drums)
- alias of David Schermann

Weltschmerz - Live 26-02-10 Live 26-02-10

digital live tracks 2010

1: Hunt for Souls
2: The Forest of Eternal Darkness
3: Freezing Moon
- Mayhem cover
4: Total War
5: Geschrei in der Nacht
6: Hymne til ulver
- Ulver cover

Weltschmerz - Promo 2011 Promo 2011

demo CD 2011

1: Ending Your Life
2: Homo homini lupus
3: Mysterium iniquitatis

Valr (drums)
Hræsvelg (guitars)
Hreim (vocals)
Vidar (bass)
- alias of Clemens Schaap

Weltschmerz - Dutch and Canadian Annihilation Dutch and Canadian Annihilation

split TAPE 2011: Toorn / Hak-Ed Damm / Weltschmerz / BlackScorn by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 150 copies)

3: Asmodeus
7: None of Us Will See Heaven

Hræsvelg (guitars)
Hreim (vocals)
Valr (drums)
Vidar (bass)

Review: Toorn (‘wrath’) is the first band of the tape and it kicks in with black metal that has its massive guitars in front of distant drums and vocals, which works contraproductive for the enjoyment of the music. On the band’s first song, some of the riffs are clearly Deathcrush-Mayhemesque, which is actually nice. The industrial-like samples used would fit a strange band like S.M.E.S. but not a black metal band.

Weltschmerz offers uptempo black metal with the kind of drum patterns I really enjoy and relatively straight-forward old-school riffs. It’s my favorite band of the split tape. I do wonder about the lyrics: “Satan is groot. Satan is machtig. Satan heeft een pik van 6 meter 66.” (taken from Asmodeus). What should we make of that?

The two Canadian bands are not subjects of this website, so I will not review them. They are quite enjoyable though.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

Weltschmerz - Odium humani generis Odium humani generis

CD 2014 by Immortal Frost Productions (limited to 500 copies)

1: Ab Æterno
2: Ending Your Life
3: None of Us Will See Heaven
4: Mysterium iniquitatis
5: Homo homini lupus
6: Geschrei in der Nacht
7: Asmodeus
8: The Night Is My Domain

Hræsvelg (bass, guitars)
Valr (drums)
Hreim (vocals)
Eitr (guitars)
- alias of Steven van Lint

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