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Wilds Forlorn (2008+)

Wilds Forlorn - An Ode An Ode

demo DOWNLOAD 2009

1: Enmity
2: Mother
3: Time Will Take
4: An Ode
5: Once

Yuri Theuns (everything)

Wilds Forlorn - The Great Loss The Great Loss


1: The Great Loss
2: Painting the End
3: Vain
4: Wilds Forlorn
5: Time Will Take (Part II - The Cessation)

Yuri Theuns (everything)

Review: Playing the first track makes me question: am I listening to post-black metal or not? There’s too little one-string tremolo-picking there to really qualify as ‘post’ and the keyboards I hear are quite ominous. The programmed drums sound a bit weird - like a passing helicopter - perhaps because they are very soft in the mix and everything else pushes them away. After the interlude Vain, the band’s name-song appears, which has a very poppy ring to it. At this point, when we’re still sweetly charmed by the nice piano touches, it dawns on me that I’ve heard more than enough of Wilds Forlorn and its near-post tracks, while we still have another song to go. So I skip. The last track has some nice parts, but I’m glad the forty minutes are over, and I can move on with my musical chores.

Note: I realise, I might have a set of mp3's that does not correspond with the tracklist here, or they have been wrongfully named... I will look into that at a later moment!

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

Wilds Forlorn - Bellum omnium contra omnes Bellum omnium contra omnes


1: Bellum omnium contra omnes
2: As Embers Dress the Sky
- Agalloch cover

Yuri Theuns (everything)

Wilds Forlorn - We, the Damned We, the Damned


1: Traces
2: Path of Sorrows
3: Renouncing the World
4: We, the Damned
5: Parting

Yuri Theuns (everything)

Wilds Forlorn - Upon the Horns Upon the Horns

DOWNLOAD 2016 on Bandcamp

1: Upon the Horns

Yuri Theuns (everything)

Wilds Forlorn - Sapiens Sapiens

CD 2017 self-released (limited to 50 copies)

1: Verzamelaar
2: Oogster
3: Geweldenaar
4: Verhalenverteller
5: Verlorene

Yuri Theuns (everything)

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